Invasive Species Control

Birch Meadow Landscaping ltd are experts in invasive species control and removal.

We cover North Devon and West Somerset.

Japanese Knotweed

Invasive Species Control

One of the most well known of the invasive non-native species is Japanese knotweed. We offer knotweed clearance and removal in the North Devon and West Somerset area. 

Did You Know?

  • It’s aggressive and can grow up to 10cm a day, reaching 2m in height. The rhizomes of each plant can spread 7m in width and 2m in depth.
  • Japanese knotweed can delay or prevent your house or property sale, make acquiring mortgages difficult, and in some circumstances, obtaining a household or business insurance arduous.
  • It is incredibly difficult to remove and needs professional attention.
  • If left untreated, it can cause costly damage to your property.
  • If knowingly left to spread, it can create unfriendly and expensive legal battles with neighbouring properties.

How does the treatment work? 

  • Once you contact our team, we will arrange a site visit to view your invasive species. We will then be able to discuss your options.
  • We can arrange a site-specific management plan by conducting a site survey.
  • The management plan will detail the course of action specifically tailored to your property and needs.

Contact us to arrange a site visit in North Devon or West Somerset area.

Invasive species control and  Japanese Knotweed Removal.

Some of the other species we specialise in are:

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