Trees For Good Causes


‘Trees for Good Causes’ – is a South West tree planting scheme that will help individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint or even donate a planted tree to someone.

But that’s not all- we set up this scheme to support local charities too.

How much would you like to donate?

We suggest a minimum donation of £4 per tree for an individual and £5 per tree for a business. You can choose how many trees you would like us to plant for you.

As a guide: the average person in the UK produces around 10 tons of CO2 a year.

To offset at least 10% of your annual carbon emissions, you would need to plant 50 trees. You would need to plant 500 trees a year to offset your total carbon footprint. 

  • This year we are supporting two fantastic charities: Children’s Hospice South West and North Devon Hospice 
  • You can start from just one tree or set yourself a target to offset at least 10% of your annual carbon footprint, or even more if you would like to make a bigger impact.
  • When making a donation, please bear in mind we are acting as a third-party donor, therefore we pay normal transaction fees for your donations. If you wish to cover the transaction cost, please add 2.90% + fixed fee of 0.30 GBP . Thank you. 

     Trees planted locally in the south west 

     The First 1000 trees planted free of  charge for individuals 

     Two charities chosen for 2021 

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