Garden Design

Garden Design North Devon and West Somerset:
Designing your spaces: from country and urban; private and public; open spaces; schools; show homes; and idyllic retreats.

The process

Phase 1: Initial contact and consultation

We will discuss your requirements for your space and detail our hourly design and surveying costs. We provide a 1-hour consultation in North Devon and West Somerset for free.

Phase 2: Site Survey

We will then conduct a full site survey of the area the design is to be based in.

Phase 3: Preliminary Concept Development

A concept drawing will be provided for you to review and provide your thoughts

Phase 4: Final Plans and Moodboards

A detailed plan will be provided alongside moodboards for the details. Construction drawings and 3D rendering can also be provided.

Phase 5: Costings

We will provide a final costing for your garden for our landscaping team to build your garden or help you with the tendering process.

Pergola North Devon

Phase 6:

The build